You want your site to present fresh, cutting-edge content... content that is creative, captivating, cost-effective, and can be capitalized. But writing for the Internet is more than just clicking away on a keyboard and uploading it for the world to see.

It entails just the right mixture of authority, expert integration, glamour, promotion, keyword density, social media deployment, blogosphere representation… the list goes on and on. If it sounds complicated, it's because it can be – unless you affiliate with a premier editorial firm – Gina LaGuardia Editorial Services, Inc.

With more than 12 years experience as a magazine editor-in-chief and editorial director of multimedia companies, Gina LaGuardia has established a reputation as an adept and versatile journalist, conceptual manager, and editorial innovator. She has written about such varied topics as education, college admissions, careers, technology, personal finance, fashion, beauty, entertainment, health, fitness, motherhood and parenting, and more. 

Gina's editing experience includes overseeing CollegeBound Teen Magazine, as well as the development and spearheading of Online Degrees Magazine, the only national consumer publication dedicated to career advancement via eLearning. Her connections with top writers and editors fuel the facilitation of weekly homepage article and content syndication packages for America Online, MSN, and a host of other highly-trafficked Web sites. As such, Gina LaGuardia Editorial Services, Inc. provides editorial consultation focused on search engine-optimized content development for companies both large and small.

The professionals at Gina LaGuardia Editorial Services, Inc. also advise start-up businesses on their written and verbal presentations, corporate mission statements, business plans, press releases, company newsletters, etc. Extensive marketing and advertising copywriting conceptualization and services, both for online and offline campaigns, are also included within the firm's suite of offerings.

Allow us to demonstrate to you the power of content: how words, articles, facts, and strategically-formulated insight can increase your Web site traffic, boost its resource value, and become a major traffic and profit driver for your company.

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Charles Lee, Vice President at Experian Consumer Direct: "Gina and her team of writers and editors are without a doubt the best in the education industry. Gina works tirelessly and passionately..."
Jordon Keltz, CEO of Seniors for Living: "Gina is a one-of-a-kind individual who is passionate about her work and is one of the most detailed-oriented people I have had the pleasure of working with. She has a deep and thorough understanding..."

Brian Prince, Co-founder and President of "Gina is one of very few people who really "gets" the synergy of creating great content for real live "users" that also doubles as useful organic fodder for the search engines..."





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